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Why use a specialist attorney? What difference do we make? Well, if you ever get seriously injured, you will immediately realise that it’s your whole life that gets damaged – especially financially. The same applies if the breadwinner in your family is killed, and you are left without support. While doctors care about restoring your health, we care about restoring your wealth. They treat your injuries, trying to make things better medically.

We try to recover your damages, and make things better financially. By preparing, fighting for and eventually (yes it does take a few years) winning your claim – and securing compensation for you – we try to make right the wrong you have suffered. Our job (as far as it’s possible) is to provide you with access to justice… and then deliver it!

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We are a niche law firm located in Cape Town, close to the “legal district” of the High Court & Advocates Chambers. Dean Lester is the Director & founder of the firm – which he started in 1995.

He was joined in 1999, by Simon Kelsey, and in 2008, by Deon Burton – both of whom practice as associates at the firm.

Simon, Dean & Deon

At the Constitutional Court

Money will never bring back a beloved mother or father who provided for you. Nor will it restore your broken body to perfect health. However, it’s the only way that the law can right the wrong that you have suffered. And it’s because the damage is irreversible (no one can turn back the clock) that you are compensated with money.

Our job is to ensure that you receive your compensation… the full compensation!

Pragmatic Approach

Lady Justice – Inspiring our Approach

Our approach is pragmatic, and we create value for our clients in four ways:

  • First and foremost, because we are specialist Lawyers, everything is geared towards this end. Clients only get one chance to claim their full compensation – and it’s our job to get it for them.
  • Second, because claims generally take several years to finalize we (together with our team of Specialists & Advocates) wait for our fees. In other words client’s can rest assured – knowing that no matter how long it takes – we’re always interested in and attending to their matters.
  • Third, because we don’t take deposits, we effectively finance claims, and cover all necessary disbursements ourselves. In real terms, this complements working for our fees on risk, and provides access to justice for all.
  • Fourth, by working on a “No Win/No Fee” basis, we take the risk. In other words if we do not succeed, we do not charge. And the bottom line, although it’s not formally recognized or publicly applauded, is that over the years we’ve ended up doing our fair share of pro bono work – in other words, worked for no fee.

Once we have succeeded, however, and the claim is finished, we then reclaim our disbursements and charge a fee. Our fees are in accordance with the Contingency Fees Act, and this is reflected in our Fee Agreement.

To simplify matters (in your favour) we guarantee, as a policy, that clients will (at the very least) get out 75% of the Capital (the compensation for your injuries). This percentage applies after the past hospital and medical expenses (which must be repaid) are deducted. And the amount paid to you is (for practical reasons) normally made up of two payments – the first coming after we receive the Capital, and the second after we receive the Party & Party Costs.

And that’s it – plain and simple.

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