Do I have a claim?

Medical Negligence
and Medical Malpractice

Have you been injured and suffered damages as a result of the negligence by a doctor or hospital? Lester & Associates can help you claim for compensation…

What is Medical Negligence or Medical Malpractice?

Medical negligence, also known as medical malpractice, occurs when doctors or hospitals or medical professionals make mistakes in the treatment of patients, thereby causing them harm. This covers a wide range of situations, but some of the more common examples are: injury to the baby or mother at birth, anaesthesia errors, surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis of conditions, and incorrect treatment or failure to treat properly or timeously.

Choose a Medical Negligence Attorney you can trust

Claiming for medical negligence and malpractice against hospitals and doctors can be, not only complicated and expensive, but also a stressful experience, which is why you need a specialist Medical Malpractice Attorney that you can trust to give you the expertise and advice that will set your mind at ease. Lester and Associates has more than twenty years experience specialising in medical negligence claims and offers the skilled advice and legal representation that you need to win your case.

When Things go Wrong

In a perfect world – no bad things would happen. There would be no hardships, difficulties or problems, and no accidents, injuries, deaths or losses. Unfortunately, in the real world, these things happen.

Get an Expert Lawyer

And when things do go wrong, the best you can do is find solutions and try to make them better. Specifically, if you have suffered a serious personal injury or loss following the death of a breadwinner, the best you can do is to be compensated.

And Make it Right

Money will never bring back a beloved mother or father who provided for you. Nor will it restore your broken body to perfect health. However, it’s the only way that the law can right
the wrong that you have suffered.

No Win, No Fee

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg

We operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, and are committed to helping you follow through with your case, no matter the outcome.

Should you win your medical negligence case, our fees are in accordance with the Contingency Fees Act, ensuring you get maximum compensation to help you heal. This means that we only charge if the claim succeeds and we will cover all expenses (such as doctors’ reports etc.) during the course of the matter

Expert Opinion

Do I have a claim?

We need to obtain all your medical records from the hospitals and doctors that treated you. Due to the highly specialised nature of the work, we will then instruct one of our panel doctors to provide us with an expert opinion whether there was any negligence on the part of the doctor, hospital or medical practitioner. If we are of the opinion that you have a claim, we shall then issue summons against the relevant doctor or hospital.

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